about mixxo



The word “MIXXO” comes from Mixology which means “the skill of cocktail-making”.Like mixing the different kind of base wine to make cocktails, MIXXO provide a variouty of basic and fashion design clothing style for almost all women around the world and for all occasions. It’s a global SPA brand where you can easily find the item which suited to your own style

mixxo-suitable for all woman

Your Own Fashion
Here ,you can find a variety of clothing style , global fashion trendy design and basic items which can help you create your own coordination.
You don’t need to purchase agent or go shopping overseas, every week we bring the latest and the most popular fashion to your front.
top to toe coordination
We provide a variety of clothes and accessory, so here ,you can create another refreshed yourself from top to toe using ou commodity.
abetter fit for you
The perfect fusion of Golobal fashion trendy design and tailor method that fit the Asia women’s figure ,
will let you find your just right patten .